The Smallest Things Bring The Greatest Joy 

When you look back on your life, what are the moments that stick out to you as your “most happy?” To me, the small moments are the most significant. 

Thinking back now, I’ve always been a sentimental person who seems to value little moments and little things over everything else. I can remember reading Louis Lamour books with my dad, playing Yahtzee with my mama, and talking to my now husband about how our favorite actor was Bill Murray. Such small moments in the day seem to take up such a big part of my heart. 

This weeks quote is “Small things become great when done with love.” To me, that takes everything I’ve ever experienced in my life about love and happiness and puts it into eight short words. 

This applies to so many parts of my life. For example, in teaching; the little things that kids do for me every day, like give a great answer or help me straighten my room, really make a big impact on my heart. I hope as well that the “small” things I do for them impact them positively for the rest of their lives.  Often we forget that simply helping a friend, giving a smile or compliment, or even a pat on the back can change a person’s life. When small things are done with great love, anything is possible. 
Sometimes we think that we have to do huge, grand acts to change people’s lives, but it’s just not true. We change people’s lives by showing our hearts through small daily acts. We make the world a better place through tiny, purposeful words and actions. If we are lucky, we pass these things down to our kids or the young people around us who look to us for guidance. 

Small things become great when done with love; and small things can grow into something even more amazing when love is  the center of our world.